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Shoes Jordan 6, Market come officially in 1990. Because the Bulls 90-91 to win the season was ungew Similar. Jordan shoes6 first generation proposed in the design of rubber locking laces loose concept, this song is very popular at the time closely, to apply it to a shoe designer, Jordan shoes6 generation, it is easy to tie-ups are also a good decorative effect. Postponement for the exclusive use of translucent rubber sole, improving grip. If you look closely, the K Body in the Jordan shoesof "23" character, hiding two to Cheap Air Max TN find the top of the support area of a large s model is assembled, is the 3 U Design only the bottom Era. Jordan 7 Shoes, the market come officially in 1991. Michael Jordan 91-92 season boots, Jordan wore in the 92 years since the Barcelona Olympics, a pair of seven winners in the championships, so that the generation shoes7th Jordan Jordan series is particularly valuable. F 7 footwear generations Oned the shadow of six generations, which is larger-Run feature is the color of particularly high. Peak was very popular with a fixed structure, the integrated air cushion the heel, heel 23 W have words to form a variety of geometric patterns, the only sign of integers greater trapezo Jordan shoes Dales considerably. Jordan 8 Shoes from market officially in 1993. The design reflects the emphasis on technology. 8th Generation in the design of an s big breakthrough. Most important is the bonding web shoesdesigned Jordan is to increase the stability of t up. Running shoes in the pull-down design, substantially reducing the rubber material, so that the weight of the shoe, the tongue with a towel material plus signs trapezium. the c tee heel and sole, some abstract logo, add a little color art

Jordan in the year after three consecutive months pl Tzlich his resignation, many fans thought he would never return to the court, so the shoes8 Jordan in court on behalf of Michael Jordan has identified the last pair wore shoes, so Nike has also created shoes theJordan 8th generation in 1993 sales record. 8 in the name of Michael Jordan for the first time since moved before, and in the Jordan family has a special meaning. Jordan shoes 9 come on the market officially in 1994, is not the only couple in the game by Jordan shoes. When Michael Jordan retired 94 years, people all have one question: What is Jordan series will continue But Nike launched the shoe is on schedule. Jordan 9 basketball shoes order refinement of the design over the world's thought, because at that time Jordan has not only an American hero, gengrang fans worldwide for its outstanding R Skills intoxicated. Flying the flags at the heel first, with the earth, a symbol for the world in the flying trapeze, The meaning of the world were the grounds on soles in English, Chinese and Japanese Express, the world of cheap timberland boat shoes high e Chinese names for the nine people to see if Jordan can still remember his flying figure, there is not much technological innovation, built in AIR only cushions front edge of another important part of the surface for increased stability Handfl hte t. It is mentioned Interestingly, when Jordan was protected in the No. 45 baseball jersey, Nike, a limited number of 45 pairs VER Published with "45", the company Jordan shoes9th generation of baseball shoes, these shoes are now to be astronomical. at this stage, the real Michael Jordan Shoes Jordan basketball in the golden age of gold

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