Can Humans Acquire Natural Night Vision

You may have wondered at some point or another if one day we will be able to see in the dark like some animals. Or maybe you have thought to yourself if some people have this ability today. When we compare ourselves to animals who can see in the dark what makes them different from us cheap timberland shoes for sale ? Its an interesting query but one with no easy solution. We have all thought about how great it would be to be able to see in the dark although it is usually when we are fumbling around in the darkness looking for a light after a power cut. Most people assume that we have no night vision capabilities at all, but this is simply because it doesnt work in the same way that it does for most animals. The simple fact is that humans do actually have a reasonable level of night vision it just takes around half an hour for it to timberland outlet uk start to work properly. This is because there is a chemical reaction that is required to take place in our eyes in order for us to see much better in the dark. There are rods in everyones eyes called Rhodopsin and these actually change color in low light to help you see better.For these somewhat magical rods to work there does need to be some type of light available, eg the stars. In this respect we are similar to many night hunting animals in that they cant function in zero light either. However the way in which the common house cat for example can use the light available is quite different to us. They are Cheap Nike Free Run Sale able to re-use light by channelling it to the front of their retina after it hits the back of their eye. This is why when you car lights shine on a cat at night their eyes start to glow
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Is it possible to become better at viewing objects in the dark? During the first war in Iraq a group of British specialist forces were sent behind enemy lines on reconnaissance. Instead of using bulky night vision glasses they relied only on their own natural night vision which they had been using for years. They reported back after the mission that they were able to see almost perfectly after about 60 minutes of complete darkness. There are one or Cheap Nike Free Run Australia two downsides to human night vision. The main one is that if you encounter a bright light unexpectedly you will almost immediately lose your ability to see at night. This is because the reaction that takes place can reverse much more quickly that it takes to create in the first place footwear. For this reason some people only use one eye when viewing a bright light so they always have one night ready eye.You may be thinking of people who work constantly in low light become better at adapting to low light than the rest of us. It is said that if your eyes are constantly having to adjust to darkness that they become  Pandora Jewellery Australia quicker at adapting and reacting to low light. In this way it is similar to someone who trains their muscles daily in order to get stronger.Some experts have also suggested that cheap pandora bracelet charms  people who work constantly in low light or darkness are able to adjust more easily to different light conditions. Because of the repeated use of the chemical rods in that they become better at adapting to light changes in much the same away as an athlete can hone their Pandora Charms where to buy muscles basketball.We can all agree that when it comes to moving around quickly at night we really cant compete with the top feline predators who can stalk their prey from hundreds of meters away. However we do have an amazing aptitude to see in the darkness and most people still dont realise that they have it 

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