Song Lian's True Stories Show The Value Of Keeping Words

Timberland is a famous and great shoe trademark which manufacture high quality boots. It is also a successful brand so for timberland, keeping its words to clients is also significant.As we all know, timberland is a prominent intercontinental shoe trademark and the boots footwear created by it are high-quality and pretty. Its achievement shows that keeping one's words is truly crucial no matter for a person or a big company. I choose to give you two stories to confirm this point. In the Ming Dynasty of China, there had an extremely famous scholar whose name was Song Lian. Here is an enlightening story about him. As a renowned man of learning after his cheap timberland boots shoes sale  growth, you can visualize that he really loved reading when he was a youngster, but he could not buy the books since he was so poor. Without any choices, he found out an idea that he could borrow several books from his acquaintances or classmates, for the reason that they had countless books. In spite of this, he would return the book in time every time which was his standard. In view of the fact that he never broke his words that cheap timberland shoes china inhabitants were eager to lend him the books. Once, he borrowed a book that he really enjoyed then he decided to copy the content down. However the deadline was approaching. He had no choice but transtribed the books that every night. It was the coldest winter, and dripping water freezed. His mother said:"It is midnight and it is so freezing, you don't have to copy the books now, maybe tomorrow. And the person who lends you the books possibly will not cheap timberland shoes for sale  wait to read them." However Song replied:"I have already promised to him consequently I should give back the book in time. That's a vow. If I do not confirm my respect to others, I will also not receive others' respects. And his mother approved
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 There is one more story about this prominent person. He and his teacher made an appointment that he would go to teachers' home to learn something that he required. But misfortunes never come alone. When basketball he determined to leave, it snowed deeply. Song Lian still carried his luggage and decided to go but when his mother saw him, she said suprisely:"How can you go outside in such weather condition? It snows so heavy that cheap timberland boots china   your teacher of course will think that you can't arrive there. Plus, you can not resist the coldness only with a piece of old cotton-padded jacket." Song smiled and said gently to his mother that the date was approaching and it would be the disrespect to his teacher if he did not keep his promise. He must set off no matter how heavy the snow was. When seeing his favourite pupil, the teacher praised him and he told Song that he cheap timberland boots for sale  was happy that Song could keep his words.These two pieces of stories present that Song Lian is a responsible person who always keep his own words. What's more, the history confirms that Song who is full of brilliant characters succeeds at last. The same as this renowned person, timberland also has a standard that is integrity which helps it go towards triumph

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